Strongstyle Team Tournament
Game: Tekken 7
Team Size: 3v3
Bracket Style: Double Elimination
Match Format: Double Life Pokemon Style
Character Selection: Locked throughout the entire tournament
Time per round: 60 seconds
Rounds per game: 3 out of 5 rounds

A. Team Organization

  1. All teams must consist of 3 players throughout the tournament.
    • Teams must be defined by July 6, 2019.
    • All members without a team will be randomly assigned team members from a pool of players without teams.
    • All members must be present to participate in any match played.
    • If a player is not present or leaves in the middle of a match, that team may be required to forfeit games.
  2. Team members cannot change after July 7, 2019, unless directly addressed by tournament organizers.
    • Players will not be able to change at the event regardless of the situation.

B. Double Elimination Bracket

  1. Each team, as a whole, is afforded two losses before being eliminated from the tournament.
    • Each team advances through a standard bracket with each win.
    • Upon the team’s first loss, that team will be placed into the losers side of the bracket.
    • Upon the team’s second loss, that team is eliminated from the tournament.
    • The tournament is complete after all but one team remains.
  2. Brackets will be set the week leading up to the tournament.
    • Brackets will be seeded in the following order:
      • International teams
      • USA Regional teams
      • Local seeding
    • Brackets will be seeded live via stream.
      • Teams are able to dispute seeding under the grounds of:
        • Region
        • Unforeseen complications due to team structure

C. Double Life Pokemon Style

  1. Each Match, a team advances after eliminating each member of the opposing team twice.
    • First players to play in a match are decided via blind pick.
      • The first match will have the stage chosen randomly.
      • Each team member is given 2 lives.
      • When a match concludes, the player who loses the match will be deducted 1 of their lives.
      • When a player loses both of their lives, they are eliminated from the set.
    • Upon a loss, a player can either stay on or be replaced by another player, as long that that person has lives remaining.
      • Stage can be selected by the team that lost the previous game.
      • Characters are locked throughout the entire tournament.
    • A team advances after the opposing team has lost all of their lives.
      • In the event of a double K.O. or draw in the fifth round of a game, both players will lose a life.
      • If the final game in the set ends in a double K.O. or draw, a single round will be played, and the team of the winning player will advance.
        • Team is allowed to pick any player to participate in the single round game.
        • Stage select must be set to random.
        • If the single round game also ends in a draw, the same players will continue to keep playing until a round is won cleanly.


SBO Single Elimination Tournament
Game: Tekken 7
Bracket Style: Single Elimination
Character Selection: Not locked except in a Draw game
Time per round: 60 seconds
Rounds per game: 3 out of 5 rounds

A. This will run as a single elimination bracket.

  1. Each match will consist of a single game.
  2. Winner of the match advances, loser is eliminated.
    • In the event of a Draw game, the two players will play a single round with the same characters and same stage.
      • Winner of the single round will advance, loser will be eliminated.
      • In the event of another draw, another round will be played until one player takes a round cleanly over the other.
  3. Stages must be set to random, characters are not locked.
  4. Tournament continues until only one (1) competitor remains in the tournament.


other rules

A. Venue Rules

  1. Event is being recorded by ten/o. Please note that being within the venue that you are subject to being recorded and that your likeness may be used in the production.
  2. Players are expected to maintain conduct that is not detrimental to the tournament. If found to be heavily disruptive to the tournament, staff and judges may have the player removed from the tournament.

B. Rules of Conduct

  1. No collusion allowed. If found to be guilty of collusion, both players will be ejected from the tournaments and all prizes will be forfeited.
  2. Users must supply their own reliable USB cord and test rigorously that it maintains a secure connection. USB malfunctions due to faulty USB cords that result in a Pause will be considered a Pause game for that player).
  3. If there is a Pause during the game, both players should stop playing immediately and ask for a judge. It will be up to the judge to determined who paused that game and award that player a loss for the round.
  4. In the event of a controller malfunction, the player should stop playing and ask for a judge. The judge will determine the correct course of action and if allowing the player time to fix or replace his device is necessary.
  5. In the event that a player is found to be using a non-allowable controller, that player will be ejected from the tournament.
  6. Players will be allotted time for their pools. Failure to show at your pool within a reasonable time will result in a disqualification from the tournament.
  7. Tournament spots are non-transferable. If found to be switching spots with another player or taking the place of another player, all players (attending or not) will be ejected from the tournament.
  8. If there are any rules that need clarifying, please ask the judge to get a tournament director to explain or give judgment. This rule only applies to rules not covered above.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.59.45 PM

Retro Tekken Tournament
Game: Tekken 3
Bracket Style: Double Elimination
Character Selection: Not locked except in a Draw game
Time per round: 60 seconds
Rounds per game: 2 out of 3 rounds

A. Retro Event: Tekken 3

  1. Since STRONGSTYLE has left the confines of the arcade, we’ve always wanted to have STRONGSTYLE side tournaments to be a throwback to TEKKEN’S past. TEKKEN has one of the richest histories in fighting game, and so we always want to run events that allow us to see how far the game has come.
  2. Will be played on PS2/PS3 (TBA)
  3. Double Elimination tournament
  4. More info soon!



A. Free Play Setups

  1. Free Play Setups will be available for casuals.
    • Please make sure you are not required to be present for a tournament match before jumping on a free play setup.
      • A no show for a tournament match may result in forfeiture of games.