Strongstyle Retro events

Since Strongstyle has left the confines of the arcade, we’ve always wanted to have Strongstyle side tournaments to be a throwback to Tekken’s past. Tekken has one of the richest histories in fighting game, and so we always want to run events that allow us to see how far the game has come.

We ran a poll a few weeks ago to ask what the players wanted to see from a retro tournament. Here’s the results:

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection wins with an overwhelming majority… and its hard to say know to that level of excitement. We will be getting details out on this side event very soon!

Thanks everyone for voting! See you guys at Strongstyle in February!


… yeah, we really don’t want that to be our ONLY retro event (FYI, a few of us old guys preferred other games). Strongstyle is getting bigger so the amount of retro events should go up as well!

We have a limited amount of time to get stuff done Strongstyle Weekend so we want to put out a few options of stuff we are trying to do:

(all of the following games will be played on PS2)

OPTION 1 : Tekken Ball!

Everyone loves Tekken Ball (cept Bronson), and its a funny, random, wild event every time…

Format would probably be a 32 people, 2 out of 3, single elimination. Ball material is still up in the air, and we can do something like iron ball in early stages, and beach ball towards the end to elongate the final parts of the bracket. There’s options there.

OPTION 2 : TTT1 Pair Play w/ Random Teams

People asked what it would take to get TTT back on the Strongstyle schedule. There’s two things about putting in TTT that gives us pause.

#1: We had TTT1 at Strongstyle 4
#2: TTT is something that certain people would take more seriously than T7

That second point is really important. We want our side events to be side events and not an individuals focus on. Its not fun to watch someone put in a ton of effort vs people who are entering the event for fun or nostalgia sake.

So if we were to do something with TTT1, Random Pair Play teams felt like the only way I was comfortable with it. Each round, every entrants name gets put into a hat, and we randomly draw people to be a team for that round. That team of two people will compete against another random team and if you win, you move on to the next round, and your name goes back into the hat. Repeat the process until 2 players are left standing. I imagine there will be some hard carries, some people acting like heroes, and team dysfunction that really make this format interesting

Rules would probably be 64 people, single elimination, 60 seconds round time, 2 out of 3.

Option 3: TekkeNick Arcade!

First off… I think this event is POSSIBLE to run. I think. Its pretty ambitious.

So… Me and Bronson REALLLLLY like the nickelodeon gameshows from the 90’s.

So when we were thinking about our Retro Tournament, I bounced an idea where we’d have multiple Tekken games and the goal to get players to compete at ALL of them to win the tournament. Have players play around multiple Tekkens and try to piece together a mixture of retro knowledge, game familiarity, character knowledge over a span of games, and weigh all those factors against someone else to form a very meta-level Tekken competition.

So we would have Tekkens 1-5 and start two players in one of the games, selected via a wheel selection or dice or some random factor. Both players play a single match in that game, and Loser would then choose which is the next Tekken game to play. Repeat until a player gets 2 wins and advances to the next round. Repeat until we have one person left, winner takes all.

Rules would still need some work, but… if people want it, its possible to make happen.

So to recap:

– Option 1: Tekken Ball
– Option 2: TTT1 Pair Play Random Teams
– Option 3: TekkeNick Arcade

We will be putting up a poll and gauging interest… and then we’d probably just choose the one me and Bronson like the best anyways. I’ll let you guys try to influence us one way or another.

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